Thursday, December 14, 2006

Merry Oaks residents on their Google group are sharing sitings of blue herons and even a deer!
Two people spotted a deer with antlers near the 2600 block of Arnold Drive the morning of Dec. 13.
From Tom Poston: "It skittered across Arnold down to the wild area along
the tributary running into the country club and off into the woods.
In fifteen years of living here I've never seen a deer in the
neighborhood, although I could see how one or more could survive in
the woods along the edge of the school and in the country club
The heron or herons are visiting Briar Creek Greenway and Covington Oaks. One was hunting in my front yard about a month ago.
Drive, walk or bike with eyes wide open. Tell your neighbors -- even those in Country Club, Plaza Midwood and Commonwealth Park -- to do the same.

Photo credits: little blue heron courtesy of William Klos via with Creative Commons licensing.
deer courtesy of Aileen via with Creative Commons licensing.

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