Sunday, June 10, 2007

Briar Creek and Central Avenue: the land

Two images here show the topography and an aerial view of the land at Briar Creek Road and Central Avenue, where two new developments are going. Briar Creek (the creek) is in the upper left corner of each image.
A third development is nearby, at the corner of Briar Creek Road and U.S. 74 (Independence Boulevard).
Two highlights:
1. Road connectivity from the back of The Duo (outlined approximately in red) to Cosby Ave. in the Merry Oaks neighborhood would seem to require a heavy investment to cross a creek bed. It appears mostly dry this year, but a bike and walking path would live much more lightly on the land than a real road. The right of way is there already, for electrical lines serving the property. The developed area to the left on the aerial map is Birchcroft Apartments. Developer Rip Farris has reached an agreement with the owners of that property and says he'll announce plans for it later. It's lower in elevation than the Duo; the existing swimming pool there sits about where a pond was back in the day, old-timers say.
2. Specifications for The Vyne (outlined approximately in yellow) suggest sunbathing and picnics at the corner of Central Ave. and Briar Creek, within one's own fully secure gated, green community.

The development websites:
Industry 29 at Independence and Briar Creek. Slow-loading, Flash-heavy website. Large square footage compared to the other developments, close to a highway, relatively smallish parcel of land.
The Vyne, on the old Plummer property. Small condos, "green," gated community. High elevation in general.
Duo at CBC. Large parcel of land, heavily wooded and sloping. "Green" duplexes planned with more development later.

Images courtesy of Terraserver.

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