Sunday, September 23, 2007

Development update: a map

This map shows residential and mixed-use projects for our part of town in purple. The map goes from the construction on Hawthorne Lane at Independence on the left, to the planned condos at Briar Creek and Independence at the lower right.

Amazing work by a person who goes by the name of Dubone, at Urban Planet. To see more of Dubone's maps from all over Charlotte, showing a boom town from the sky, go to the Charlotte forum of Urban Planet and look for the "Maps of active projects in Central Charlotte" posting.

Some rumors, and I stress rumors, from the Urban Planet forums: Harris Teeter at Central and the Plaza might move to the old Family Dollar site on Central, either to get more space or to relocate during refurbishing of the old store site. And Thomas Street Tavern's lease is soon up, and they'll be relocating to free up the space for condos. Most responders to this rumor thought it was highly unlikely.

If you hear anything further about the Teeter, please pass it on.


Gary O'Brien said...

Andria: I was chatting with a produce clerk at the Plaza Teeter this past week and she said they were being told that HT would relocate to the Family Dollar site sometime in '09. Not a confirmation by any means, but info coming from a bit closer to the source.

David said...

I have heard of several relocation deals that have fallen through for Teeter. They were attempting to acquire land closer to Morningside but a couple of homeowners held out for too much $$. The current rumor of the Family Dollar land has stalled as well. Teeter wanted everything, including the office buildings in the back, and apparently that wasn't happening. The will only rebuild on the current site if they can acquire all of that land. The side parking lot and the grass area on the corner of Plaza and Central are not owned by HT.