Saturday, March 22, 2008

Comment moderation and legal stuff

Under Oak now has comment moderation turned on. If you leave a comment, I'll need to review it before it's posted online. Apologies for any future delays, but I'll try to be prompt.
Previously, comment moderation was off, so I missed seeing some of your comments until much later. This way, I'll get to see immediately what people are saying, and I'll have a little more protection under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
Comments have not been a problem in the past, and Merry Oaks is enjoying a peaceful, quiet time of community building with active parent play groups and a lovely spring. However, nearby neighborhoods sometimes share information about battles that might involve lawyers. Community news resources are lucky to have free, online legal references like those available at the Berkman Center from Harvard. I highly recommend that other newsy neighborhood blogs check the information there.
In addition, we have positive, solutions-oriented neighbors and brains in our head, to quote Dr. Seuss. I'm sure he would approve.


Shelly said...

Andria - This is an interesting subject in light of the recent threads in the Merry Oaks neighborhood google communications (for example, Mar 28 & 29th, "Theives wandering around the neighborhood again"). I'm surprised some inappropriate language and abusiveness in certain emails were allowed to post. Could you explain why? Thank you, Shelly, Draper Ave., Merry Oaks.

Andria said...

Hi Shelly,
A couple of other people in the neighborhood moderate the Google group. It's a separate thing than this blog, though I have summed up some conversations from the Google group here in the past.
Other people have shared concerns about some of the recent posts on the group. I've passed along your concerns as well.
If you want to talk more, please feel free to email me at akrewson45c AT mac DOT com

Andria said...

And one more thought: Maybe the neighborhood needs to post a primer to clarify the various ways we have to talk with each other. We have several, and it might be we have many new folks who don't know how they work or how and whether they're connected.
It might be a bit confusing, but I vote for having multiple ways to talk with each other.

One of the oldest ways is through Neighborhood Link at:
A link to a copy of the current neighborhood newsletter, and past newsletters, is there.

There's discussion group capability there as well. It looks as if the Google group discussions went down briefly and are now back up -- I'm not sure whether anything has been deleted.