Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Public art in progress

Merry Oaks artist Greg Scott was one of three artists to show their works in progress Monday night as part of a public art project for Central Avenue. One of his sketches is above.

The artists showed a small group of Merry Oaks residents their works at a gathering Monday at Café Central at the corner off Central Avenue and Arnold Drive.

The projects are funded by the Arts and Science Council. These images were taken of sketches displayed during the gathering at Café Central and will likely vary from the finished works.

Ceramic artist Amy Sanders is the lead artist, coordinating community meetings to involve residents and artists and working with business owners.

The visual art will be transferred to vinyl panels attached with grommets to walls of businesses on Central Avenue near the intersection with Arnold Drive. Informal word is that a long, thin wall at Dim Sum at 3000 Central Ave. will become home to one of the works, and the tall building at 2821 Central Ave. with a large white wall at the corner of Masonic Drive and Central Avenue will hold another. (That's the old Eastgate Masonic Lodge.) The third location remains to be determined.

Other artists who showed their work in progress:

Sharon Dowell, with one of her sketches above; and

Duy Huynh, with one of his sketches above.

Greg and Amy are also part of a local group of ceramic artists Circle of Eight.

Café Central provided hors d’oeuvres for the gathering, including a beautiful dish of quail eggs, soup and prosciutto (below).