Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plaza Midwood art Krawl

Plaza Midwood's Art Krawl is Saturday, June 13 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Music, artists and stores will hold special events.
Here's a sample of what's happening, based on the event's Facebook page, administered by Jonathan Winn and Teresa Hernandez:

PLAZA-MIDWOOD LIBRARY - Live music with Lunch Money, indie-rock for children, will get children and parents dancing, thinking and laughing. Lunch Money sings about things such as wishing for a pet dog, getting up the nerve to ride a roller coaster, and twirling around in rain and sun beneath an umbrella. (7-8 pm) Free

- Live music by Marcie Hernandez (7 pm), Virgo Musik (8 pm) and Deformati (9:30 pm). Photography and art by Colombian artists: Pablo Zapata and Nico Amortegui. Free.

- Art by Stefan Duncan. Free

CAST THEATRE - Metamorphoses. A modern telling of ancient myths, in, around, and sometimes under water. (8 pm) Visit for ticket info.

- Live music by Noel Lippard, Dear Druid and Event Horizon. (7 pm) Free.

COMMONHOUSE - Live music by Ample Example, 10pm-2 am (live on the patio)

COMMON MARKET - Live music by Hip-hop troupe, Kid Monsterz (9 pm). Free.

QUEEN'S GALLERY - Realism Found, Charlotte Artists Find New Meaning in an Old Tradition- art exhibit featuring 8 local artists. Live Music by Jeff Brown. (7 pm). Free

THE NOOK - Charlotte Comedy Club Show (8 pm). $10. Comedy/Improv by Robot Johnson (10 pm). $10. Jazz funk/fusion band. (11 pm). $3


- Art by Austin Alston. and a DJ all night.

SNUG HARBOR - Live Music with M.E.G.O. and Drat (10 pm)

CORNER OF THOMAS AND CENTRAL - D.J. George Brazil and local artists selling everything from purses and jewelry to paintings and photography. Local artists will also be in front of Pura Vida Worldly Art and Tribal Wisdom.


- Coffee Central
- Common House
- Common Market Deli
- Creation
- Dish
- Intermezzo
- Lulu
- Mama's Caribbean
- Nova's Bakery
- Petra's Piano Bar
- Soul
- The Nook
- Thomas Street Tavern
- Penguin
- Zada Janes

- 1510 Antiques
- Pura Vida Worldly Art!
- ACE Tattoo
- Alternative Arts Tattoos
- American Beauty Garden Center
- Bead Lush
- Boris & Natasha
- Century Vintage
- City Supply
- Clark's Antiques
- Envy
- Flava Factory
- Georgetown Spa
- Hong Kong
- House of Africa
- Lunchbox Records
- Reggae Central
- Queen's Gallery
- Tribal Wisdom
- White Rabbit

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