Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feeding the hungry

St. John’s Baptist Church at 300 Hawthorne Lane in Elizabeth held a farmers’ market on July 19 to raise money for the hungry.
The sale included vegetables from backyard gardens and plants. Rumor has it that some of the veggies came from Caldwell Memorial Church’s garden as well.
The sale raised a whopping $661.46, said organizer Betty Harkey. The church is considering another sale in mid-August.
A representative from the Society of St.Andrew Gleaning Network was impressed with the results and is planning to suggest the idea to other churches, according to the church’s Family News newsletter.
Want to contribute or help? Call Peggy at the church office at (704) 333-5428.
The best part for me in addition to the money raised: Amazing soup made by my daughter from the plentiful butternut squash. She combined the best of about three recipes. Here’s one.
Tip: Try it with nutmeg instead of rosemary and thyme, and don’t leave out the apple.

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