Monday, November 09, 2009

Why did U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell vote against the health care bill?

U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell, who represents Merry Oaks and other areas in the 8th District of North Carolina, was one of a few Democrats who voted against the House bill to change health care.

Because Kissell's vote broke with his party, and the issue is so important to so many, here are a few links to give background on his decision. Kissell has said that he could not support the bill’s $399 billion in proposed cuts in Medicare benefits. The American Association of Retired Persons, however, endorsed the bill.

According to a New York Times graphic, 20% of the nonelderly people in the 8th district are uninsured.

Links to information about Kissell's fundraising efforts give no indication that health–care interests exerted influence on his decision. Available numbers only reflect past giving.

A July 24 letter from Kissell to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
Campaign donations to Kissell by industry.
Campaign donations to Kissell by geography.
Local news story from the Richmond County Daily Journal.
American Association of Retired Persons endorsement of the bill.
The bill itself, all 176,276 words.
Kissell's official website.

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Anonymous said...

Kissell voted no for one reason only, to posture for Republicans.

That health care overhaul was the most critical vote he'd ever cast and he sided against every one of the Democratic and independent voters who turned out to elect him.

All I can think of now is, what's the point of voting for him now?

Anonymous said...


It should be an interesting primary for Mr. Kissell. In the general election, if he makes it that far, the republicans won't vote for a democrat and, in light of his action on health care, I"m not sure there are many democrats who will vote for him either.

Andria said...

Since this original post, TV ads in support of Kissell have started in heavy rotation during some day time and early evening hours.

The ads are sponsored by Employers for a Healthy Economy (dot org) and ask people to call a number to show support for several Kissell votes.

When I learn more about the organization, I'll aim to share.

joe said...

God Bless Congressman Kissell...he had the guts to vote his convictions and not vote for the party. Most of you Dems are to stupid to understand what that means. I'll bet anyone any amount he'll keep his seat.He's a good honest man.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Kissell voted "NO" because he represented the majority of his folks here at home and not the party. This bill was bad for the economy and the costs for the State budget. The Dems. have been bankrupting our entire country. Do we know what that means!??*!!?