Sunday, July 15, 2007

Development updates

(No reason folks who care about development can't look at pretty pictures at the same time, right? This is a spider lily from a Merry Oaks back yard. It appreciates the recent rains.)
Demolition has begun at the old Morningside Apartments off Morningside Avenue. Pictures from Rumphshaker, originally posted at Urban Planet. The developer for this particular part is Beazer, some say. Beazer has had some issues in the past.
Grading is also going on at Hawthorne Lane near Sunnyside Avenue, just next to the bridge over U.S. 74 connecting Central Avenue with Elizabeth. Word appears to be the development is to be called Woodfield Elizabeth, and is being developed by the remnants of Summit Properties left after Camden bought them. One neighbor said the word is that the project will feature two midrise units with a below-grade parking garage in-between, and it's unclear whether it's an apartment complex or condominiums. Some say the development involves 400 housing units. If anyone knows more, please share information or a link.
Under the Water Tower says that two restaurants will be going in near the new development.
Credit: The forum gossip at Urban Planet is an amazing source for development news. It appears you have to create a login to search, but the site is organized clearly enough that you can locate and read Charlotte information without a login.

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