Monday, July 09, 2007

Storm, Part II: The sidewalk network

Power now restored to all of Merry Oaks, as far as I know.
Neighbors laughed because I called the AC guy early Sunday, but they helped get Duke Power out to deal with our low power problem. We had 120-volt, not 220-volt, because of a broken line. Thanks to the many firefighters and power-line workers during the last couple of days. If you have spare backyard vegetables, take them to a fire station.
Neighbors shared cucumbers, cold lemonade with ice (thanks Addie!) and memories of Hurricane Hugo through the sidewalk network. More amazing than any Google group I've ever seen.
So AC is on, all is cool.
Sidenote: I didn't get a photo, but a glance while driving along Central Avenue into the interior of Birchcroft Apartments on Saturday evening showed much of the parking lot under about a foot of water. Redevelopment of that tract must take runoff into consideration. This storm dumped at least 1.5 inches within three hours Saturday, so it was an unusual event. Still, caveat emptor, and check topography maps.

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