Saturday, June 12, 2010

Don't look away: Charlotte development on Central Avenue decimates trees

When a site is too painful to see, we often turn away.

I know many people who can't bear to look at the photos coming out of Gulf Coast states.

I know many neighbors closer to home who can't bear to look at this once-treed space at 3223 Central Avenue, at the intersection of Briar Creek Road.

Sometimes, it's important to look.

Background and earlier photos of the tumbling trees on Under Oak.


Anonymous said...

What about the street connection?

Andria said...

My understanding is that the street connection between Central Avenue and Cosby, extending Briar Creek Road, won't have to be made until or unless the owners of the two lots on Cosby, behind 3223 Central, sell their property.

Also heard talk that the 3223 Central site plan had the street connection mapped out, but it would have taken one of the nicest, most mature trees. I *think* that tree has survived, because of some neighbors' work.

Ryan said...

Thanks for taking photos and writing on this subject. I hope you don't mind, I put a link to your blog on Urban Planet.

Andria said...

Thanks for the link and the comment.

I can't quite tell from Twitter what happened with the tree ordinance today, but generally Susan Stabley of the Charlotte Business Journal follows up well.

Ed said...

I got moved out of an apartment that went condo in the 4900 block of Park Road and they tore a whole bunch of trees out to make room for new buildings. It was sad to see our bird sanctuary get bulldozed.



Andria said...

Ouch, Ed.
That was 2007?