Sunday, August 19, 2007

Drought hits Briar Creek

Algae and icky ooze clog what little flow remains in Briar Creek near Merry Oaks on Aug. 18.
It's unclear whether the lowness and slowness of the creek are just from the drought. It's possible Charlotte Country Club is using creek water for irrigation; the club built a retaining pond after another recent dry summer, and it's working on renovations for a future event.
Are there any rules or laws about how much water private enterprises can take from public waters? Should there be?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Redevelopment at 1401 Central Avenue

People at Urban Planet are talking about redevelopment plans at 1401 Central Avenue, where The White Rabbit and the gay community center are now.
Site plans call for a travel shop, a hobbies shop, an art studio, and a place called The Blue Goose. In addition, plans call for a coffee shop -- some say Starbucks -- with a rooftop deck for skyline views.
Sources: Urban Planet forums, Providence Group website

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tuscan development and The Vyne

Background and opinions are flying about the planned Tuscan development, Duo at CBC, at the Merry Oaks Google group. The development has gone back to the drawing board because the city wants an extension of Briar Creek Road through the property, according to Tom Poston, Merry Oaks Neighborhood Association president.
Try Urban Planet forums as well if you're seeking details about other nearby developments. Posters there are discussing The Vyne, also at Central Avenue and Briar Creek, and how it has billed itself as a gated community.
The quote from The Vyne's website, under "Specifications":
--social space for gathering on the hilltop.
--Opportunities for unstructured play and other activities like picnicking, sunbathing and reading.
--South of The Lawn are lushly planted gardens with plants of a human scale that provide seasonal interest.
--The perimeter edge is softened with hedgerows informally planted with redbuds and dogwoods within a field of wildflowers.