Sunday, September 23, 2007

Development update: a map

This map shows residential and mixed-use projects for our part of town in purple. The map goes from the construction on Hawthorne Lane at Independence on the left, to the planned condos at Briar Creek and Independence at the lower right.

Amazing work by a person who goes by the name of Dubone, at Urban Planet. To see more of Dubone's maps from all over Charlotte, showing a boom town from the sky, go to the Charlotte forum of Urban Planet and look for the "Maps of active projects in Central Charlotte" posting.

Some rumors, and I stress rumors, from the Urban Planet forums: Harris Teeter at Central and the Plaza might move to the old Family Dollar site on Central, either to get more space or to relocate during refurbishing of the old store site. And Thomas Street Tavern's lease is soon up, and they'll be relocating to free up the space for condos. Most responders to this rumor thought it was highly unlikely.

If you hear anything further about the Teeter, please pass it on.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sunday, Sept. 16, is Mexican Independence Day

A co-worker clued me in that Sunday, Sept. 16, is Mexican Independence Day, or Grito de Dolores.

She grew up in Brownsville, Texas, and said her mother wouldn't let the children out on the streets that day because many people celebrated by shooting off their guns, not unlike the way some people in Gaston County celebrate New Year's Eve.

So watch for fireworks on Sunday. And find good ways to celebrate with Merry Oaks neighbors. Another co-worker suggests these ideas:
"Go eat at a fine Mexican dining establishment. ... I recommend Maria Bonita on Rea Road and the Azteca on Independence in Matthews. Have a few margaritas! Or venture onto Sharon Amity and Central and grab a few tacos. Or tune in to Univision (Ch. 63) on Saturday night to watch the fireworks from Mexico City."

If you want to connect more with our neighbors or work on your Spanish, check out that co-worker's shared blog, Enterese.

(Personal note: Apologies for lack of postings. Life intruded. If you're a Merry Oaks resident who would like to help keep neighbors up to date with news beyond basic Google Group messages, let me know by posting a comment).