Sunday, December 30, 2007

Briar Creek rises

Glorious rain refills Briar Creek at the Merry Oaks Greenway bridge off Arnold Drive after an incredibly dry fall. The top picture is from Dec. 30. The next picture below is from Oct. 28, after rains, but not enough. The bottom picture is from Oct. 21.
Photos courtesy of Lulu the Wonderdog, who belongs to neighbor Chantal, and who was more than happy to take a walk in the rain.
More creek pictures here.

[where: 1900 Arnold Drive, Charlotte, NC 28205]

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Eastside neighborhood zoning update

Residents of Coventry Woods and Cedars East received a continuance in their appeal with the Zoning Board of Adjustments until 9 a.m. on Jan. 29.
Background here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eastside neighborhood asks for support

Sharing a request from neighbors in Coventry Woods and Cedars East, eastside neighborhoods a little further southeast in a zoning battle. If you take a look at The Observer's foreclosures map, you'll see reasons these neighbors do need help. They're asking for a show of strength at a meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday downtown.

"On the afternoon of Dec. 11, the Zoning Board of Adjustments will hear the appeal of the Coventry Woods Neighborhood Association. We will be arguing against the City Planning staff. Last December, the Planning staff approved a subdivision on an R-4 tract adjoining the Coventry Woods and Cedars East neighborhoods.
It is the same tract the CWNA fought over in the 2003-97 Rezoning case. And we're up against the same developer: Jerry Rigsby, of Independence Capital LLC.
Though the land is zoned R-4 and protected as such by the Eastside Strategies and Eastland Area plans, Rigsby received the approval to devlop the site as R-5 Cluster. The density approved is 23.3 percent greater than R-4 allows; instead of 60 or 63 houses, he plans to build 74 houses on small lots that are the equivalent of 10 per acre. The Subdivision staff approved Rigsby's plan as a by-right development. Neither public notification nor a formal rezoning was required.
We only learned of this Independence Woods development -- between Amity Place and the back of Town & Country Ford -- this summer. He has since cleared the site.
The CWNA has met repeatedly with the Planning staff; they insist their decision was correct.
We beg to differ. Most assuredly.
We filed an appeal with the quasi-judicial Zoning Board of Adjustments, which will hear our appeal the afternoon of Tuesday, Dec. 11. We have flyered the Coventry Woods, Cedars East and Candlewood Condos communities: A strong turnout is crucial. The ZBA needs to know how wrong this project is.
We are asking for members of other East Side organizations to attend, as well. Will you help us by getting word to your board and your membership?
Your attendance is a show of support we greatly appreciate.
Also, our appeal can be viewed as a test case for how the serious the city is about protection, preservation and revitalization of East Charlotte. Our elected officials and the Economic Development staff tell us that East Charlotte is high on their agenda. Ultimately, the Planning staff will help us -- or sink us.
Here are the details on the hearing. We hope to see you there with us!
-- Board of Directors, CWNA

Tuesday, Dec. 11, afternoon session of the ZBA. (The session begins at
12:30, there are two cases before ours; please come when you can.)
WHERE: 8th Floor of the Government Building, at 600 E. Fourth St. (at
Davidson St., uptown).
PARKING: Park in the City-County deck on Davidson, between 3rdand 4th.
Details, comments, advice? E-mail