Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Briar Creek-Independence rezoning update

Here's an update from our neighbors in the Commonwealth neighborhood Google group. This is from a posting by Ted Cleary, about the May 21 rezoning hearing for development at Briar Creek and Independence Boulevard:

"There were several Commonwealth Park neighbors in attendance; one
spoke at the podium to express our consensus that we approved of the
project and its style, as shown in their architectural rendering and
especially based on the specified materials and details shown in the
construction drawing set they shared with us (which should eliminate
any down-grading in details due to 'value-engineering' that often
occurs in projects once construction begins). No neighbors, if any,
opposing the project had come forward in any lead-up meetings with
the developer, or at the re-zoning hearing last night.

The developer's attorney asked that Council approve the project last
night (rather than the normal procedure of a vote at next month's
meeting), due to delays already forced on him by incorrect
information from the Planning Dept.; one Councilmember expressed
concern about this break from procedure (perhaps because he wanted to
make sure nothing was being 'slipped by' them with a project he was
not fully familiar with); therefore, Council will vote next month
(approval is expected). You may begin to see marketing start before
then, but not construction till it's official."

Notes: Zoning committee is scheduled to meet at 4:30 on May 30 on the 8th floor of the Government Center to make a recommendation on the petition. That is not a public hearing, but the meeting is public. Full city coucil meets June 18 at 6 p.m. at the Government Center to vote on the petition, though that could always be delayed. Rezoning petition is at the rezoning site and it's Petition No. 2007-059.

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