Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crime note, Arnold and Draper
This place is not a crime blotter. You can go to Crime in Charlotte for that. But other places have mentioned this incident, so for those curious and as a caution to others, here's what happened May 24:

Police blotter:
Eastway Division
2432 Arnold Drive
Victim was in her front yard looking at her flowers. Victim turned around and was confronted by a B/M, 6', slender, young, black mask, and had a small gold gun. Suspect took her purse and ran. No injuries."

More information from WSOC, excerpted here:
"A woman living in one of Charlotte’s oldest neighborhoods was checking on her garden after work Thursday when a masked man came out of the shadows, pointed a gun at her and stole her wallet....

“I had just gotten home. I’d gotten out of my car and I thought, ‘I’ll go take a look at the yard,” J.C. Honeycutt said.

Honeycutt was in her front yard in Merry Oaks, not far from the Charlotte Country Club in east Charlotte, when she saw the man in the shade.

“I saw first that somebody was standing in my yard; secondly that he was dressed in all black; third that he had a black mask on his face,” she said.

Then she saw the gun.

The man called her over and demanded her purse. He took her wallet with her cash and bank cards, and then took off....

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department shows few incidents have been reported in Merry Oaks since the beginning of the year, although plenty have happened along Eastway Drive and Central Avenue outside the neighborhood.

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