Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Keeping connections strong
Listening to neighbors talking with neighbors through Google Groups is an amazing way to keep in touch with what's going on nearby.

It's almost as good as chatting with Mr. Bookout during his daily walks in Merry Oaks.

Smart politicians are active in these groups as well -- reading and posting as a way of staying in touch with local voters.

So the update: a German shepherd is roaming the Merry Oaks greenway, and neighbors are helping each other figure out whether the dog has an owner.

A zoning hearing on development at Briar Creek and Independence was scheduled Monday, May 21. At least one resident had signed up to speak in favor of residential condo development, but several residents are keeping an eye on the quality of the building plans.

Details at the Google groups for Merry Oaks and Commonwealth Park. The links were broken for awhile, but should be fixed. Please let me know if something does not work -- the tools can be hinky, to use a technical term.

And if you want to travel further away, check out a newsy blog by David Boraks for Davidson.

Closer to home, it's always good to check in periodically with John McBride at Under the Water Tower for Elizabeth news. You might find some local ice cream.

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