Thursday, May 31, 2007

School kids walk the neighborhood

Almost-finished first-graders from several classes at Merry Oaks Elementary walked the neighborhood to learn about homes -- for people and creatures like birds, squirrels, rabbits and insects.
Along the way, they learned about magnolia trees, gardenias, rosemary, pine cones and how to navigate the sidewalks on trash day.
Magnolia leaves make good bunny ears, some decided.
Some classes also got lessons in how to pour and smooth concrete from a crew repairing a sidewalk.
Kudos to all the teachers and assistants for walking on a hot morning. And thanks to all the neighborhood residents and workers who took a minute or two to stop and talk with the kids.
Thanks too to the garbage and recycling truck drivers for tooting their horns, waving and watching out for the groups of youngster as they traveled the streets.
More pictures at Merry View.

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