Saturday, October 24, 2015

From 2009, some context for 2015's Charlotte mayoral race

Charlotte's mayor holds a part-time position with little power, and candidates historically have aimed to appeal to voters outside of parties. This year is no different.

Also this year, much has been made of candidate Jennifer Roberts' record on the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners. Her opponent, Edwin Peacock, also has a record worth examining from his time on the Charlotte City Council.

Here's just one small video clip, from way back in 2009, when a Democratic majority had just taken office and Republicans were feeling squeezed. The debate is about asking a committee to study four-year terms and features council members Edwin Peacock and Susan Burgess.

Here's the longer, wonky version. It captures a moment, to me, that puts to rest the idea that Peacock could indeed be an independent mayor not swayed by Republican platforms and issues.

Bonus on the long version: Charlotte's ex-mayor Patrick Cannon makes an appearance.

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